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Caleb Pinkerton/freeimages Motel Sunrise I pick nasturtiums from the crowded pot sticky with slug slime someone has chiselled footholds into the brazil nut tree at the dog run people only know each other by their pets’ names clouds building to the west — happy hour Motel Sunrise under construction since 1990 I’ve stopped littering but the birch trees haven’t just one moon snail shell on China Beach today — singing lesson


Sturgeon Moon laundry out to dry then in — summer rain the whole valley heard about the ruckus in the henhouse bear scat loaded with saskatoons by Wolverine Creek I’m not afraid my cabin among laurel deep in the forest sturgeon moon — my father wakes in his recliner alder leaves drying in shade on the hot beach my lunch an overripe peach I take two plums from a basket they were so sweet and so cold from Whisk