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Dogs Watching Cats

Deja-ku Diary: Michael Dylan Welch samples cat-watching with a number of people, including Yoko's Dogs. We're honoured! From MDW's post:                  watching the cat watch the rabbit         watching me The writing team of Jan Conn, Mary di Michele, Susan Gillis, and Jane Munro, known as Yoko’s Dogs, produced this poem in their collaborative book Whisk (St. John’s, Newfoundland: Pedlar’s Press, 2013, page 65). The renku-like context called for a two-line poem, or they might have presented this verse in a more expected three lines. Yet something about the combination of “watching the cat” and “watch the rabbit” in the same line makes those elements more instantaneous. And then we have the turn to “watching me,” creating a full circle. This circle makes this poem differ from other examples, where only two things are watching each other, or a short litany of observers ends with something other than a return to the first observer. Again, a moment of ten

After Renga

A ghostly Jane, last to leave one of our renga sessions. Leave no trace! Wasn't that somebody's motto, sometime?


We celebrated our 11th birthday in Santa Fe, NM, at the 2017 Haiku North America conference. Strings and buckets of blossoms Peppers getting hot The legendary market lived up to its...oh look, tomatoes!