Dogs in the Yukon...

… are part of the family.

We were a three-legged dog in Whitehorse, one of us unable to be there in person, but what a welcoming place! Haiku Canada’s Weekend got us on our feet to applaud Marco Fraticelli and Terry Ann Carter’s fabulous performance of Desire: The haiku and lost letters of Chiyo-ni: music, words, dance introducing me to an 18th century extraordinary female haiku “master.”

Chiyo-ni, woodcut by Utagawa Kuniyoshi
Whitehorse is bursting with art. Murals on buildings. Jazz musicians, playwrights, paper-makers, poets… like dogs, part of the family.

Whitehorse Totem Pole -- Jan Conn photo
And then the swift, green river full of fish, snow on treed mountains that have never been clear-cut, and the strangeness of daylight at 11 pm.

Landscape with Two of Yoko's Dogs --Mary di Michele photo

Thanks, all, for our conversations and your kindness.